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Home Health Care for Seniors

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015 in Nursing Home Issues | 0 comments

Because of the rise of personal injury claims against staff of many nursing home facilities, many are considering of alternatives to nursing homes that can still provide proper care to their aging family member. One option that can be a good alternative is the home health care. This is a type of care that covers a number of medical and personal services that can provided at home to an elder or senior who is partially or fully dependent. It is a sufficient and affordable home care system that can provide physical help to elders around the home, from the basic bathing to getting meals, exercising, and even monitoring of chronic health conditions.

Home care and other supplemental services can offer a number of assistances to elders, such as health care (rehabilitation and physical therapy, medication, nursing, etc), nutrition (cooking, meal deliveries, and meal planning, among others), personal care (aid in performing personal hygiene, dressing, bathing, exercise), homemaking (house repairs, shopping, housekeeping), and social and safety needs (companions, transportation and escort services, etc). It is important to understand that home health care is not for everyone, since some seniors may require tight monitoring or further extensive medical treatment.

If the elder needs medical or nursing care, it is important to find a home care agency that is approved by Medicare and the state you live in. Seeking certified agencies to provide medical and nursing care would ensure that the service is at its utmost standard, and to avoid abuse and neglect from people who are not qualified to provide such services. Those who need at home health care often seek help with their daily activities rather than nursing or medical care. Activities of daily living (ADLs) such as getting out of bed, cooking, eating, bathing, walking around, and others is best suited for home health care services because families have better control on the care they receive.

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