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Cruise Ship Injury

Cruise Ship Accidents

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014 in Cruise Ship Injury | 2 comments

Cruise ship accidents and crimes may seem like not a big deal considering that millions of people take cruise ship vacations every year. In a logical way of thinking, committing a crime on the high seas may not seem to apply, but sadly statistics show that in the past three years there have been reports of sexual assault or misconduct, missing people, and theft. Because of the difficulty of enforcing the law in the open seas, the majority of these crimes have been investigated or solved.

Filing a lawsuit against a cruise ship after being involved in a cruise ship accident may be different and bit a complicated. There are many laws that can affect the case. Generally, the law on the cruise ship will depend on the flag the ship is flying under. A cruise that is registered in a particular country and is flying under that country’s flag will follow the laws of that country; however, it is also important to note that territory should also be considered. When the cruise ship is docked in a port, it will be under the laws of the port that they have docked on.

Filing a lawsuit of claim after a cruise ship accident should be in accordance to the statute of limitations, and this will be based on the contract that you and the cruise line have agreed on. The contract will be on the ticket, and will override and statute of limitations made by the state law. Additionally, there may be notice requirements, and you or your lawyer must abide with this. It is important to read what is written on the ticket to understand how you can pursue a personal injury claim or lawsuit. According to the website of Louis A. Vucci, P.A., the cruise ship have the responsibility to ensure the safety of their passengers, therefore any injuries that could occur that may be linked to their negligence can make the liable for a lawsuit.

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